Saints Francis & Clare Catholic School


    School lunches are a popular topic among state and national education and health boards in the United States. Healthful food is vital for high-energy, growing kids. Saints Francis & Clare Energy Cafe is proud to offer delicious meals that provide the essential nutrition that students need in order to be ready to learn.

    If you want kids to eat better, you can't simply change what's on the lunch menu; you have to change their perspectives. By guiding our children to make healthy choices and offering a plethora of delicious food choices, our cafe staff is committed to healthy eating!

    We offer a variety of well balanced meal choices and a variety of fruits and vegetables (students required to take 1 serving of each).

    We are different than your average school cafeteria. Our menus are constantly evolving. Our cafe staff take pride in their food and are focused on providing the following:
    • Fresh fruits and vegetables
    • Whole grains
    • Reduced or zero TransFats
    • Salads and salad bars
    • Lowfat dairy items
    • Baked items rather than fried
    • Healthy cooking/prep techniques

    Breakfast Cart

    Café Breakfast Cart 7 AM – 7:30 AM

    Price: $2.10

    Cereal / Fresh Fruit / Whole Grain Items Milk

    The Garden Patch

    The Garden Patch

    All Café lunches include the self-serve Garden Patch.

    Fresh Cut Salad / Garden Vegetables Grains / Protiens / Fresh Fruits.


    Hot Lunch Monthly Menu

    Other Daily Lunch Offerings

    Daily Offerings

    Sandwich Lunch 

    Served with baked chips, graham cracker and the Garden Patch.

    Cheese Wrap
    Ham & Cheese Mini’s 
    PB&J Sandwich
    Hot Dog

    Daily Hot Lunch 

    Tyson Chicken Patty Sandwich
    Beef & Cheese Nachos 
    Penne Pasta Bar 


    Lunch Choice with Milk $3.10

    Lunch for Entire Year $558

    Milk .50⊄

    Adult Visitor Lunch $4.25

    A la carte snack items are offered daily .35⊄ - $1.25

    Lunch Payments

    We currently partner with MySchool Bucks for our lunch payment program. If you have previously registered your child for our lunch payment system, there is no need to re-register.  Your account is already set up.  

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