Our Priests and Deacon

We are blessed to have two fantastic priests with us, along with our wonderful deacon.

Letter from 
Rev. Stephen W. Giannini,
Parish Pastor

Dear Parish Family and Friends,


Thank you for taking a bit of your time to visit our Ss. Francis & Clare of Assisi Parish website.  As you click on various pages, I hope you will be able to find just the right information, photographs or news that you would like to see.

Our parish has just celebrated our 25th anniversary and our parishioners have all come from another parish in Johnson County, Indianapolis, Indiana and throughout the world (though some of our youth baptized as infants here are approaching adulthood!).  Some parishioners grew up in White River Township, our home township, while others have just arrived to Center Grove and surrounding communities.  All of us, however, strive to welcome all who come to our doors, searching for God’s love expressed in so many different ways.

Please enjoy our website offerings, and we hope to see you at Mass!

  Peace and all good,


  Fr. Steve Giannini

Letter from 
Rev. Jeyaseelan Sengolraj,
Parish Associate Pastor

Dear Friends,


I am Fr. Jeyaseelan Sengolraj from India. You can address me friendly as Fr. Jey. I was born in Karankadu, from southern state of Tamilnadu in India. Karankadu is 135-year-old parish founded by a Portuguese Father Gabriel Nathar. Three fourths of the land is surrounded by the Bay of Bengal. All people living there are only Catholics. Saints Francis Xavier and John De Britto had done their missionary work of spreading the Gospel here.


My parents are Late Sengolraj and Arputhaseeli. I am from the family of nine having only five brothers and three sisters. All have got married and settled there and I am the youngest one in my family being consecrated to God. Our family profession is fishing in the deep sea. I used to go with my dad fishing at midnight, coming back around 7 am then rushing to school.


However, one day while returning from fishing, I saw my mom waiting for me on the seashore. She was holding a letter. I was so excited to read that letter. It said, “Come and follow me, Jesus says, I will make you fishers of men.” (Mt 4:19). Since then, I left everything, joined the seminary, and was ordained as a priest in 2008 for the Archdiocese of Delhi, the northern part of India.


Though I belong to southern part of India and my mother tongue is Tamil, I went to northern part of India and learned Hindi and other local dialects in order to preach the Gospel of Jesus. Now I can speak Tamil, Hindi, English and other local dialects as well.


Having worked in the northern part of India for 12 years, I wanted to come to America to expose myself to a different dimension of pastoral ministry. I am really thrilled to be here and seeking your prayers and blessings.


God bless you all.


Father Jey Sengolraj

Associate Pastor

Deacon Ron Pirau,

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